April 6, 2018 Friday

  • Pray for Ontario election in 2018
  • 出12 Passover, 默想神的救恩
  • 彼得後書3:8 主看一日如千年,千年如一日。 Timeline in spirit, enter the timeline.
  • Pray for next generation.
  • TOD
    • Remind ourselves the purpose of midnight TOD. To cry out and awaken people who slept.
    • Trust God. He will do what he promised.
    • TOD is one of the most powerful weapon of God. Stand on our position. It’s not a burden, but a heart of Him.
    • Cut off any expectations as a worshipers.
    • His presence is worth everything.
    • 醫治的大能,身心靈都要得醫治
    • Touch my heart so I can touch others’ hearts. No longer 木頭人

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