January 16, 2018 Tuesday

  • 敬畏神,重新與神建立關係。
  • Declare the heart of God unites us once again.
  • Coming back to His heart of worship.
  • Declare, declare, declare, declare in the name of Jesus.
  • Who can fulfill God’s heart?
  • Declare 我們有清潔的心,讓我們重新有正直的靈。
  • Declare the faith, which is the inheritance in this church.
  • Matthew 13:15 因為這百姓蒙了心,耳朵發沉,眼睛閉著。恐怕眼睛看見,耳朵聽見,心裡明白,回轉過來,我就醫治他們。感動弟兄姊妹的心被油脂包住。那油脂是過去的雜質。要把心的油脂除去。
  • 更深的更新,要從內而外。清潔的心,更多的透明帶來更多的更新。
  • Grapes/Olives need to be crushed in order to become wine/oil. Declare we are willing to become new wine and new oil. May God give us the grace to persevere until the end.

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