Oct 6, 2017 Friday

  • Forsaking all I know, taking up my cross.
  • To inherit from the Father, everything, set no limit for God in what we are about to inherit on earth.
  • Continue praying that we will see many things from God this year with our eyes.
  • Experienced the power of bell ringing. May Your will be done, Lord.
  • Seal the power with the sound of shofar as we declare God is king! Above it all!
  • In the name of Jesus, we declare His words and speak His will into existence.
  • Focus: finding God as well as His presence. Never get used to His presence. Do not set a pattern or limit for God. Choose tree of life. Praise and worship Him. Let me remember always – being more than doing.
  • Release the spirit of truth.
  • Lord send the angels to cleanse us and make us holy.
  • 神的帳幕在日本。
  • 聲音衝破天際, 走到神面前。

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